falling for a whale

falling for a whale

And perhaps, when that incessant, enrapturing beauty 

Lying just beneath the surface, free of any price-tag, 

Perennially suffuses your whole being

As you move through a world without boxes, or walls, or doors, or roads,

With no one ever between you and the sky

Leaping through three dimensions towards whatever takes your fancy, 

You would be different.

- Heathcote Williams

Heathcote may have fallen for a dolphin off the coast of Ireland, and I may have fallen for a whale off the coast of Mo'orea, but the sentiment remains the same. 

I am forever grateful to have seen and been seen by these beautiful souls. 

If you are an ocean and wildlife lover, find yourself a used copy of Falling for a Dolphin. It's one of my favorites.


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