i always knew what I didn’t want

no is easier than yes

it’s a firm decision 

a closed door 

but yes… 

that opens a path 

of which i'm not sure 

i don’t want a path 

i want any path 

any and all 

with no commitment 

but fulfillment 

what do I want? 

how do I answer that? 

do you mean now, later,

yesterday or tomorrow?

i need more information

i need to know the dots connect 

i need to count the “what if’s”

let me consult my options

the million webs they spin off 

the new line formed on my palm

the horoscope of the day 

branches upon branches 

i guess that’s what I want 


to climb in any direction I please 

after a caterpillar one minute

after an butterfly the next 

swinging from branch to branch 

feeling momentum 

feeling spirit

feeling free

to follow my eye under each sky

to drown my heart in her own beat 

to soak my feet in endless streams 

that’s how I’ll find my path

the only one that was certain 

i’ll only know it after I’ve gone… 

when I stop and look behind me 

i’ll say “no, I didn’t choose” 

my feet led me here

- mvd