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I'm Maggie, the heart and soul behind maggiemaywander. My journey is one of serendipity, love, and a deep-rooted connection to the natural world, all of which have shaped my path as a photographer and writer. Born into an Irish-American family, with my dad hailing from the West Coast of Ireland, I was raised on stories filled with magic and natural lore. These roots have instilled in me a love for the lyrical tales of the ocean and the close-knit warmth of small-town communities. It's in these places that my soul sings and my camera finds its muse. It was here, amidst the rugged beauty of Ireland, that I first fell in love with the ocean's call and the wild's untamed spirit.

I've been a lifelong lover of wildlife, animals, and the vast, untamed wilderness. My journey into photography began with a simple disposable camera and a subject close to my heart—my soul dog Jackson. What began with disposable photos filled with my first love evolved into a profound desire to connect with and document the natural world. My academic journey led me to Creighton University, where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Communication, further deepening my commitment to conservation and the storytelling of our planet's precious ecosystems. It was here that I gave my senior seminar on Orcas in Captivity, another breadcrumb hinting at where life would take me.

Since then, I've followed the beat of travel in my heart. It's led me to experience the wonders of New Zealand, elope along the cliffs of Big Sur, and dive in the Pacific waters of Hawaii, California, and French Polynesia. My favorite places aren't just destinations on a map; they are chapters of my life, each with its own rhythm and meaning.

My work is a reflection of my journey—a blend of photography and writing that seeks to connect, inspire, and advocate for the wild that surrounds us and resides within us. I strive to be more than a wildlife photographer; I aim to be a storyteller, a connector, a voice for the silent wonders of our world. Through my lens and my words, I explore themes of nature, personal growth, conservation, and the profound beauty of the ocean that connects us all. 

maggiemaywander is a reflection of my wanderlust spirit and my belief in the power of stories to inspire, connect, and foster growth. It's not just about taking photos; it's about seeking connection and telling stories that highlight the importance of the wild in our lives and in nature.

I hope you view this website as an invitation... to explore the world through my eyes, to find resonance in my stories, and to join me in celebrating the beauty and importance of our natural world. Whether you're here to browse my print shop, delve into my portfolio, or schedule a photography session, I'm thrilled to share this journey with you.

Let's capture the beauty of the moment and its setting together.

Let's tell a story that matters.

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